Sat Oct 11, 2008... the war continues... dow jones markets also down... is it the new world
Mon Oct 13th.   the 16th is my 30th wedding anniversary with carla.  the war rages on with the interested
parties firing invisible attacks upon me.  my brohther seems to be an investor in the weaponry, selling it
to the pentagon, or using it third hand.  the men pushing it seems to be mr. ron harris of first baptist
dallas, tx and mr. ted peitz of neodesha plastics, neodesha ks, my wife's second husband.   she has
stated she divorced ted in feb of 2005 i think.  a couple years ago.   
we were going to be married on the 13th, which was a friday in 1978 and close to columbus day.  i told
carla it felt like a new voyage for both of us.   i meant it well.  but she said she did not want to be married
on the 13th, so since i worked weekends, we waited until monday the 16th.
Oct 21st 2am   PBS ran three mentions in a row on human radio tracking.  "Are we being hunted?" was
one statement.  amazing.  let's all rally to the cause and admit these gadgets exist instead of trying to
position ourselves as future controllers of others.   if there is some redeeming value of this science, let's
get the discussions in the open debate forum.  
Oct 22... i still get the same radioactive shuffle from my brother Paul and ex-wife Carla.   it really does
not matter what they transmit to my brain via my implant, it is the radiation that is calculated to kill me.  i
keep demanding they admit the boy is mine and pay me for the theft.   everything else is secondary to
their debt.   after i have my money, then it is my choice on whether or not to spend it trying to get Carla
to return to me.   if there was a glimmer of hope for us, it would be kindled in the light of a meeting with
our family.   so again, it is dna first, not conjecture via radionics.

and since this is a new diary, the point must be made that they will not simply assist Carla in admitting
she had the boy so we can consider a reunion.  that is where the supply is, and i have not been with
another in quite some time, and the time grows longer every day.  and they want to play their card, not
mine.   and i have my card to play, my faithfulness to her, and they are poor sports to be so narrow-
minded.  if this were a court of law, the evidence of the son weighs heavily in favor of the biological
reality of the marriage.   and to completely ignore the facts is in fact a dis-service to Carla.  both of us
are being robbed.   whether she understands it or not.

10pm   Carla says i look fine.  well, there are many problems with trying to tell me i can seek a wife under
the current circumstances.  first if she expects me to marry someone else, she owes me money.  so
already i can afford a younger woman who can bear children.   but that's part of her game, that i have
no other children.  and that's why she would like me to get hitched to some gal who can't have children
and might have other interests to begin with by marrying some older guy without much money.  all of this
would be quickly apparant if Carla or Paul ever decided to bargain in the light of common day and public
awareness rather than by their stealth radio program.

Speaking of secret radio, do you remember a few years ago when the news reported that the govt was
demanding that it install security systems in major businesses?   and don't forget Mr. Gore's statement
that the pentagon was involved in a surveillance system "straight out of George Orwell's 1984."

Fri Oct 24, 2008   well, i guess i should mention that i was in a motorcycle accident on Oct 2.   the driver
has not provided insurance for my bike so i will include the info here in hopes someone knows her
insurance provider.  cherrie homer was driving a 2004 Saturn.  the police report clearly is in my favor.  
she was cited and i was not.  witness on report.  she failed to yield.  her insurer appears to be a dogar
or dugar.  it is spelled both ways according to police whose policy it is to gather the info for the drivers
rather than to allow drivers to see the other party's papers. the dugar insurance company has denied
that they have a policy for ms. homer.  (they do have a copy of "awake" on their front table.)   the most
recent developmnt is that a jerome dugar was arrested for indecent exposure.  and i urge that nuclear
weapons are controlling people and objects.   

let's imagine that electricity gets in man's bones.  in deep and mysterious ways.  and let's take a look at
the way man releases energy.  verbal outbursts are the most common.  well, alot of what man says is
trash.   to be disregarded.  and if our govt is constantly trying to observe every citizen, they often must
comb through his trash.  and thus they do not leave the trash in the trash.  garbage in.

Fri 10.24.08   local paper headlines say 911 calls are up and that the call centers are understaffed.

Sun one clock says 1050am, another says 950am   when are we going to change time, mr. bush?
it sounds like ron harris is trying to affect any possible interested women.  they can't give up their mind
machine.  until carla steps forward towards our reunion, i choose to court whomever i will in my own
mind.  that may be one reason i have no one, because if there was a possibility, they quickly affect the
other end as well as this end.  any union of mine is against their interest.

1pm late time - my son tells me to leave him alone.  listen buster, you don't treat little girls like radio  
billboards and then tell me to leave.  you may not be a fit father.  let's see the phone records and hear
any witnesses to your telewitchcraft.

Mon 10.27.08   someone says the things i am saying are rude.   that i'm being rude on my site.   and i
say that's like saying a man who is locked in a dungeon is being rude by cursing his captors.   insane.   
totally insane.

11am   i think that all these people are  KKK.  and i'm trained to compare them with nazis.   pretty mch
the same animal.  meanwhile i still get my x playing a mind game with her lover.   trying to hook me by
complementing my faithfulness.  the mind reacts in the opposite direction most of the time.   if you want
to make me turn away from my wife, then try to play on it in my mind.   and that's exactly what they're
doing.   by the way, i'm all for England, but don't think radio slavery is the way to promote her.   and
anything that is assault to me i expect to counter one way or another.   and if not me, then someone else
will because they probably have the same problem.   if it was going to win, then why can't they talk about
it?    it 's a stupid attempt and people are going to get madder and madder.    and men like ted who i
thnk programs it, will say, well, that's because you're supposed to shut it down.   and that's mutually
assured destruction.  i'm just making a  toy and if you can;t figure out to shut it down, then tough.   
here's a cousin of ted's software just to show that his family does pursue such matters...

England, on the other hand, has been reportedly using multiple cameras in London and other places.   i
think it shows they are interested in tellng the world they are not trying to use people as cameras
unnecessarily.   while it may control things, the cost is the long term health of the people.   and don't
forget UK pulled out of the war too.

and it's important to remember that the Geneva Treaty of 1972 is our controlling global authority on
biological and nuclear weapons.   and that agreement, which the u.s. is bound by agreement back in 72,
says that the following is prohibited:
thought placement or perception, hypnosis technology, directed energy devices.   
yet one branch of our military has a directed energy station.   we need to admit nwhat we are doing.

back at camp a young man who says he's 17 came by, john castrogiovanni.  says he was expelled from
school in the 8th grade for fighting in new mexico i think, or nevada.  can't remember.   says his dad
lives on post road and just moved in 9 months ago.   he's a mechanic.   john is looking for work, i think.  i
told him to go to dallas.  if he could make it there and rent an apt and go to an employment service.  
that's what i did when i was around his age.    and i got work as a brake mechanic   for a few months.  i
had to tell john to leave because i am trying to get my voice to heal.   another classic case of a body
part that may appear healed to observers but is still very sick.

      630am tue 10.28.08  awakened by my son of clearwater kansas sending his attitude into my
    brain.   it reaks of KKK.   i can sense former renter and marine dwight lynch along with former
    house owner's in-law richard gregory of gregory's plumbing.and two officers, stanton and
    cannon.  i can sense my ex-wife, carla peitz of neodesha kansas and sister nancy willoughby of
    lawton, oklahoma, all wielding telephone witchcraft as if it was supposed to have some effect on
    me.  the only effect i can see is motiviating me to kill these people then prove to a jury a had the
    right if not duty to do so.   get their phone records.  please don't force me to take the law into my
    own hands.   i guess that's the only courage available these days.  these people are cowards
    using the only science available to them, witchcraft.   i can also sense renters mike roberts and
    dan dunn.   again, dustin's attitude is like, "ha ha, i have a secret way of torturing you."  well, son,
    your attitude is going to get a new pic on my front page...  i am reminded of the scripture, "the
    holy spirit can only be received by those to whom it is given" or close to that.  so it is with my fear
    of the KKK.  i have not been given fear towards that group.  it is not in me.  i'd like to bring them to
    justice instead.  i will admit it is difficult to look these men in the eye and accuse them.   i can also
    sense ted peitz who owns neodesha plastics of neodesha kansas.   his town or perhaps senator
    schmidt recently got his electric rates lowered.   so that ted didn't have to pay so much for
    electricity.   what a coincidence.   745am  i can hear what sounds like lee west say, "i can't believe
    you can't see who these people are!"   he seems to be disturbed.  mr. west is famous for
    opposing the no call list saying telemarketers are a niche market.   he is a federal judge in
    oklahoma city.  
130am   Wed   it sounds like carla is bothering the west apt renters to try to make them leave i guess.  
and she is likely under pressure from ted.    7am  heavy heart attack signals being generate by carla.  i
guess she is using her employer's computer system, avaya, to accomplish her
witchcraft.   i have never seen such nuclear babies spewing radiation all over everyone so they are not
embarrassed.   these people would destroy the planet to avoid embarrassment and have the power to
do so.   they are communists.

330p   again nancy is using my neighbors to conspire against me.  it is little wonder these people stay
home all day.   if i'm here, they're here.   i mean bryan and ron.  there's also the man in between 34th &
35th with the trampoline..   he has military grade harassment equipment along with ron.  i think.  i never
see him.   he has children that drive around the place on sundays.  there's also a james up on post.  
that's the guy who has the wrecker, but i think it died.   we're all poor people out here.   i need to get
their photos so you can see these people.  
well i guess my dad and brother are going to my sister's for thanksgiving.  carla and
her new husband will meet there with my son and his family thanksgiving day.   around noon.   and i
guess somehow through the miracle of nuclear science they will try to edge me off the dna map.  i don't
know if lawton has a nuclear reactor or if they're using the superconductor in weatherford texas or
what.   but that seems to be the plan, so naturally they don't want me to show up.  i wish i could find that
law case where carla jo peitz was sued in lawton.  they've removed it from the database.   that's ibm
employees for you.   no wonder they can throw elections.   anyway carla and her new husband had
thangsiving with my family last year also and i perceived it by radio.   it appears to be chromosome
attack.   anyway, the table appearred to seat 12 or more.   all of my family was there except me due to
my wife's symbolic baptist wedding to a mormon.   and i perceive all of this by radio because they are
torturing me on purpose.   very typical of the KKK.   that's why they shut down,
because i was telling my story.  they want to assault people without being reported.  that's what the white
sheet is about.
730p   it's getting pretty tough to eat steak due to the teeth falling apart from sabotage by dentistry....
and top beef is an important pat of my immune system,   everything works together.
9pm  dustin and carla seem to both be near a cnadle in different locations... dusitn is kneeling before a
candle... i get it these people are worshipping fire...  and also, i guess they're back to infecting smoking
materials and working the larynx.   infecting materials is a particularly insidious device:   you're lkely to
have smoked the entire pack of cigarettes or whatever before you realize that it is infected materials.  
and by that time you could have lined your lungs and mouth with the germ.  on the other hand, some
molding of tobacco and such is common.

11p  the aol chat room for okc only has three people in it.   this room was always full until very recently.  
so now our community awareness is being affected by something... tulsa shut down a very long time

Thur 10p   what a day.   wow.   big day.  big, big day.   well, a tiny pebble looks huge to an ant.  but i'd
betteer not say muuch cause just like telling about my bad teeth they only seize on the info and hit my
teeth.   oooo it hurts ... rattles the jaw actually.   yet carla seems to be fuuly aware of what she is doing.  
it's ted''s sauce thugh.  or at least he's the front cover.  you can imagine how many covers a sauce like
that would need.

Fri Halloweeen  driving into camp i saw mike in his white pickup.   this is pam's son.  pam is ron's
girlfriend.  well, he movd in with pam right after her husband died i think.  that was when i moved down
here.   it's hard to remember if he was dead already.   not sure.  i thought i met him.   he was really sick.
meanwhile, back at the apts, jewell says he is going to bring a child to live with him andhis girlfriend,
benita.   so i thought about it and thn posted a sign saying no minors- adults only.   so jewell starts
saying he's going to call someone about there being no smoke detectors.  well, he signed a
maintenance agreement.  so i thought that was pretty funny.   he also agreed to leave without notice at
the end of any paid term.  that would be the 15th.   he keeps making threats.    so we'd better call it quits
first chance we get.   i can sense him in close contact with the governor or his men.   and my brothr.  
same old conspiracy.   always trying to get my apts shut down.  

Sat   nice day...  glad halloween is over.   as usual, no trick or treaters.   things seem fairly quiet.  
1023p   well i guess i could say i may have found a bargain on some parts that might fix my bike.   i'll
have to see when they get here.  meanwhile dustin is heard through my powerlines and tv set that he
want's me to stop talking about him.  and i try to get him to see that we could have been through all of
this well over a decade ago.   instead we are a secret project in private electricity that hurts and stings
the conscience.   so, son, please see that the process of microchipping a person is a much larger issue
than a son.  if they hadn't wagered so heavily, we would have settle this ten years ago.   your name
would have been changed then or not.  it would have been ten years ago or more.   i believe your little
gal is not that old.   so please, daddy, don't drag your daughter through ten more years of war.  
surrender at once.   either show up or send a certified letter admitting you know you are my son.  or are
you , like carla, an open target for ted who is the brain child of our nuclear defense network that russia,
among others, turned down?   are you afraid of being zapped, son?   many people are.   
i should say that i have concluded that the system is usable.  people should be stopped from stealing for
example.   say out in the country perhaps where no one is around to look out for each other all the time.  
but that is precisely why i must protest.  my life is being stolen by similar technology.  so then it is ok to
publish what i am going through.  and if the system only works when there is live attendant, then that
should be published also.   so then naturally the values of the guard are into play.  but it seems possible
to computerize.   in any case, my treatment is ridiculous.   and obviously my son and wife are hitting me
along with my brother and sister.  so "quit it"  would be the last thing they should be allowed to say.  i
have a duty to my own blood, destiny and the future of all society to stand against such childish use of
the world's tallest weapons.   needless to say, it's not something i lightly feel.  my very dna is being used
as a weapon against me.   and it is a very foolish son that takes aim at his own father using laser

well i added a new page and as i was typing i got hit in my broken finger.  the new one.  wow and it
almost made me stop.  but they only did it for a second or so.   wow.   what unbelievable power these
people have.  or someone has...

Sun afternoon nov 2, 2008 - another trucker blew a tire in the same area.   it appears to be a co=vector
of the area they're using to hit me.  this makes about three truck tires in ten days.  all within earshot as
they blew.  think of all the heat being generated that i don't hear.

1030p  more teleterrorism via my brother, paul kiehn, kenny mysinger, mr. gregory, myhouse renters,
the roberts, and dustin and carla peitz.   these people must have cell phone records that total in the
thousands of minutes to my secret phone.

1150p   once again i get the idea that teed is pushing many people from a point of safety.   and i hear
these people complaining.   well, it's like trying to tell our boys to come home.   if you don't want to risk
your life, don't play their game.   blow it wide open.  instead these "soldiers" prefer to get a secret check
and risk their lives.   look at it this way.   paul and ted may have promised carla that they could kill me
with this science.   it comes as little wonder that many side effects occur.   your local cop looks on and
hopes his investment pays off with out any distress to him.that may bee an exagerratiion, buut the police
must be awware of these radio frequencyeis.  (sorry sometims my keyboard goofs...)

11/3   former quest ceo named cash wrecks car and arrested for dui.  today.   nichols hills.  
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